Childhood pain

Published on 10 January 2022 at 21:17

Childhood pain

What is childhood pain? That is the pain from your childhood in which you felt lonely, abandoned, not heard or not seen, insecure, unsafe... In the present we know that we all experienced these emotions as children, but there is one big difference and that is that we couldn't deal with them back then. No one had taught us how to do that, because our parents didn't know it themselves. So the only way to deal with it was to bury these emotions deep within us to survive the painful period of our lives. And so they waited there for a long time for something to happen to let these emotions run wild. These things happen all the time, but we often don't recognize them as helpful to the repressed emotions, so we bury them more deeply. But every time, life comes with something painful to always activate your hidden emotions to the maximum.

Once you are aware that life is helping you, give in and finally allow your emotions to surface to process them. Then all the pain of your childhood will be healed.


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