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About me

Hi, I'm Marlon Brammer, married for over 40 years to my supportive and lovely husband Frans with whom I have two wonderful children.
I was born in Indonesia in 1957 and emigrated with my family to the Netherlands as a baby. After many wanderings in the Netherlands, I have enjoyed living in IJmuiden, a small town near Amsterdam, for more than 30 years now.
Around the age of 10 I started asking myself the craziest questions that I couldn't find answers to. Topics like galaxies, the universe, life after death, etc. kept me busy from that moment on.
In addition, I was a highly sensitive child and that was difficult in an environment where certain emotions were strongly suppressed. I felt them enormously, but was not allowed/couldn't do anything with them.
This made me very insecure and that put me off balance and into isolation.
From the age of 12 I started reading books about consciousness, Buddhism and self-realization because I thought maybe they could give me the answers.
Later on, books about quantum physics were added and for me these books confirmed what the old and wise masters already taught us. In the meantime I've found out that just reading will not get you any further. APPLYING the knowledge gives you the necessary experiences to return to your essence and from there to present yourself as you were born to be.

By applying this knowledge for years thanks to a fairly hectic life, my life has become much more balanced and I can give clients a lot of advice and guidance in this area.
Because balance has an important role in my life, I have taken the yin-yang symbol as the basis for my logo.


My mission/vision
My mission is to bring everyone back to inner peace, starting with allowing emotions that we normally ignore or suppress. We usually show happy emotions, but certain beliefs don't allow us to feel emotions like sadness, anger, and fear.
Because of that suppression, we cannot function optimally because we do not accept a part of ourselves. Through allowing and accepting those suppressed emotions again, we restore the balance between thinking and feeling and those limiting beliefs disappear and with them the blockages that we developed.
This gives inner peace/harmony and more energy, which also has an effect in everything we do and therefore also radiates to your environment.
Besides guidance/coaching I also do bodywork (pain release). Ultimately, I will teach you to surrender to life. The goal is that everyone can eventually apply this independently.
In 2018 I wrote a Dutch book about my method. This book is now being translated into English and will be published at the end of October 2021, also as an ebook. It's called Healing Awareness.
I also have a number of hobbies, such as photography, singing, watching K-dramas and studying Korean.

Relevant experiences/training
I have been practicing various forms of guidance/coaching for years, both professionally and privately. I also organize courses, workshops and lectures in the Netherlands and also abroad (in Dutch). I have followed courses in (marketing) communication, life coaching, hypnotherapy, mindfulness, cognitive behavioral therapy and various forms of Reiki.

For private individuals I work on a free payment basis with a lower limit. A concept that I feel very good about because it keeps me close to my essence.

I hope to meet or speak to you one day!
With love, Marlon