My English ebook Healing Awareness is published on 30 November 2021!
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The content
Often we are not aware of how we resist others, the world and especially ourselves. Resistance can cause blockages in our body resulting in pain, fear, discomfort and illness, especially if we want to get rid of those blockages as quickly as possible. Most of the time we don't love life anymore because it has become so painful and difficult.
Healing Awareness is a way of life in which we can deal with life in a completely different way, namely in peace with ourselves. My premise is that no mistakes were made in our creation. This means that from now on we can accept all thoughts and emotions that come with discomfort and illness. Healing Awareness is loving yourself unconditionally!
In addition to the theoretical part, there are exercises in which you can experience Healing Awareness. You will be amazed at the changes in yourself, your surroundings, the world (and far beyond).