It is what it is?

Published on 10 November 2021 at 22:14

It is what it is ...
This is the most common comment when it comes to ignoring or suppressing emotions. 'It is what it is' is not about accepting situations, but about accepting/allowing emotions. I used to say this a lot about situations and with that I bottled up everything I felt about such a situation. This resulted in restlessness, unease, fatigue, allergies, chronic coughing fits and other discomforts. Fortunately, life held up the mirror to me every time, so that I was strongly urged to let my emotions come up. And only after that it applies: it is what it is... So do you become aware of it when you say this to your children, your environment? Do you really listen to them? Do you give them space to be emotional about something? And then look within yourself what you are hiding in emotions and associated thoughts. Life is not there to bother us, but to help us enlighten ourselves.

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