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Published on 25 September 2021 at 22:33

The attached picture says that you can choose from two options, but is that really the case?
My experience is that both options come in handy. So 'forget everything and run' is fine. Fear indeed makes you go right out of your head and that survival is all that matters. You can then run (flight), fight (fight) or freeze (freeze). These are indeed the survival mechanisms.
In a session with people with great fears I allow these mechanisms completely! If someone wants to flee during a session, I say that this is allowed and the same applies to freeze and fight.
I then make the comparison with a deer fleeing from a predator. The deer flies away because of fear. He tenses his muscles and runs as long as he can, until the tension (fear) is gone from his body. And then he calmly grazes again.
We, as humans, don't do that (anymore). Firstly, because we no longer learn to act like the deer, secondly, because the fears are quickly interrupted by reason ('Oh, it's not that bad, is it?' or 'I shouldn't be like that', etc.).
Because this mechanism is interrupted, the fears and adrenaline remain in the body. Every time something scary happens in that person's life, another one of the survival mechanisms comes up.
Stimulate those mechanisms in a session in such a way that they are fully felt and completed, just like the deer does. Only then will the fears go away and people can get on with their lives.
So the second choice: 'face everything and rise' applies just as well.
So I apply both in one session.

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