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Individual sessions

Healing Awareness is a method I developed myself and the main difference with other methods is that I teach you to listen to your body without judging or looking for explanations. Nor will I change your way of thinking or behavior, nor will I offer solutions or insights. I don't have to do this, because your very intelligent self-healing ability makes it all happen automatically during the sessions!

Another difference is that I will make you aware of the fact that we are often in resistance, especially against ourselves, which may lead to tension and loss of energy. Emotions that have been suppressed by us for years or that we do not want to feel also can cause emotional or physical blockages, such as allergies, chronic diseases, depression, burnout, physical pain. And we resist that too! By becoming aware of this resistance and surrendering to it, you regain relaxation and inner peace with yourself and therefore also with your environment.

Sessions can take place in Haarlem (the Netherlands) or online via Zoom, Skype or telephone. It is advisable to work with a headset to keep your hands free, in order to do some exercises which are part of the sessions. A telephone or online session also lasts an average of 1.5 hours.

Pain releasing session (on location in Haarlem)

Sometimes talking isn't enough and you don't get to deeper layers. In a pain releasing or breakthrough session I help you to get into your body and your feelings without the intervention of your mind. Intuitively I find blockages or traumas in your muscles mainly in the neck, on the back and the limbs and then I press them quite hard. The pain that arises allows you to finally express your suppressed emotions or ignored pains and an emotional release takes place. This immediately gives space and relaxation in your mind and body. During such a session you lie on a treatment table and keep your clothes on (except for the shoes).

All sessions are on basis of free payment (with a lower limit).


An individual session can include:
- body-oriented coaching: learning to listen to your body
- learn to deal with emotional and physical blockages
- learn to deal with your own high sensitivity differently, also in relation to others
- learning to allow emotions/pain, instead of going against them
- learn to deal with your mediumistic gifts/intuition
- coaching when you're stuck and don't know how to proceed
- learn to accept and deal with a burnout
- pain release session through bodywork with clothes on, to bring out and process deeper blockages and traumas
- coach-the-coach session; rebalance and turn your focus inwards

A number of sessions is recommended, as the consciousness shift is often profound. We are so used to ignoring/suppressing or fighting against our bodies and our emotions that some training/guidance is needed to learn to live in acceptance and non-resistance. I have about eight years of experience in coaching, hypnotherapy, regression, mindfulness, mindfulness-based cognitive behavioral therapy (MBCT) and various awareness methods.


A session with or about your child is also possible, if your child is afraid, mediumistic, highly sensitive or if you do not know how to best deal with him/her.


Fill out the form below to request a session and set a few dates yourself. I work on Thursdays and Fridays. There is currently a waiting period of approximately four weeks. You can also sign up for the reserve list if space becomes available earlier.